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The site Porn Servers only indexes links from Discord Porn Servers 18+ that can be sent to the site by anyone. When sent, the group goes through an evaluation period, where it is verified that it does not contain any content that violates our guidelines. If the group meets our guidelines, it is approved and indexed on the site. If not, the group is disapproved and removed from the platform.

The Porn Servers has no control and is not responsible for the content and conversations that take place within Discord Porn Servers 18+.

The Porn Servers does not tolerate any type of group with illegal content. If the group passes approval following our Group Policies and after that, the group changes its content style, enter  contact to be re-evaluated or removed.

Remembering that we have no control over the content and conversations within the group, as this is the responsibility of the people in the group and the Discord Porn Servers 18+ messaging application.

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